Environment Policy


As Eftalia Marin Hotel we do not forget our responsibility to give our guests with there families a memorable hotel with our nature friendly environment.  Our quality of understanding and aim is to pretect the environment  and to respect what is around us and for our guests and for the future tourism to grow with nature around and keeping updated for what may have to be done and to inform the neighberhood.

For this purpose;

We believe that sustainable tourism can only be achieved through a sustainable environment and that our activities are carried out with this belief,

To use up-to-date and effective technology during our activities,

Our work for sustainable tourism and the environment to create information and awareness by sharing with our employees, guests, suppliers and local people

To make awareness raising activities about environmental sensitivity by knowing the importance of education, to contribute to education studies in cooperation with local administrations and associations.

To prevent environmental pollution and to use clean resources by minimizing the use of pollutant resources,

Use products that are less recyclable in the purchase and purchase process,

To carry out studies for the protection and promotion of regional biodiversity,

To apply effective solutions for saving of natural resources,

To minimize the waste generation by making product residences, not to waste if possible and to carry out this application throughout the facility,

To conduct effective environmental studies using printed and visual materials,

To minimize the use of chemicals and to use chemicals that do not harm the biological structure in areas requiring chemical use

To protect our natural and salt water resources in our neighborhood, to avoid polluting activities,

Making the necessary warnings and correcting the nonconformities in the nonconformities we see,

We will work for a more livable world by making the necessary updates in the developing and changing world, which are the main goal.

*Our facility does not smoke in 100 rooms